Sujene Kong

Sujene Kong FEND

Sujene Kong is the co-founder of FEND, a foldable helmet perfectly tailored to the city biker. Not only is it easy to fold and place into your bag, but it’s breathable, chic, affordable, and most importantly, safe. Sujene, an avid biker herself, was often guilty of not wearing a helmet, before her partner and co-founder, Christian was involved in a biking accident. The accident was a wake-up call for both of them, and they set out to create a helmet that you would have no reason to ride without. Sujene works primarily on the business side of FEND and has over 14 years of experience working in fashion and merchandising for luxury brands such as Jimmy Choo, Saint Laurent, and Burberry. Sujene’s business mind and experience along with Christian’s background in design and engineering made them the perfect pair to take FEND to the next level. Creating the perfect helmet for the city biker hasn’t been easy, though. Over the last two years, Sujene has made frequent trips back and forth to China to oversee production, helped guide FEND through safety certifications and patents, and spread the word about the product. What’s even more impressive is that FEND is completely self-funded, which has helped them remain true to Sujene and Christian’s original vision of creating a truly safe, convenient, and competitively-priced helmet for the city biker. Sujene and Christian’s vision is to continue creating innovative products that will change the way the city biker approaches safety and to eventually create a full line of bicycle products that will include children’s sizes. When asked what advice she would give to young female entrepreneurs she said, “keep pushing and stay committed to your vision”.