Ooshma Garg

Ooshma Garg

Ooshma Garg (5’2”) is the founder and CEO of Gobble, a dinner-delivery service that helps create 15-minute, one-pan meals geared toward bringing together busy families.

Ooshma was inspired to start Gobble in 2010, when running her first startup led to unhealthy eating habits. After her dad spent a few days cooking healthy meals for her, she realized the importance of eating well and with loved ones. Knowing that many busy professionals struggle with making time for eating with their families, she started building Gobble.

Gobble began as a marketplace for local chefs to provide home-cooked meals. However, after realizing that this model wasn't scalable, Ooshma and her team pivoted into what Gobble is today. Gobble’s chefs prepare high quality meals so busy parents can feed their families fresh, delicious meals without having to spend the time shopping, chopping, prepping, or cleaning. And this new model is clearly working: the company has thousands of loyal customers, nearly $30M in total funding, and a monthly growth of over $1 million.

Ooshma describes Gobble as “convenience without compromise, togetherness recaptured, and a mission worth working [on] 24/7.” Her customers have felt the same, and she says that hearing how much the service has impacted them makes all the hard work worthwhile. When asked about her long term vision for the company, she says: “to be the #1 worldwide food brand for families to trust for fresh, easy, options for meals any time any day”.

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