Maria Bobila

Maria Bobila Fashionista

Maria Bobila (5’2’’) is associate editor at Fashionista! Though Maria started out pre-med at Villanova, she quickly realized that wasn’t for her, so she decided to indulge her more creative side by taking summer courses in fashion design at Parsons, ultimately graduating from Villanova with a degree in Communications and a minor in Art History. After college, Maria studied fashion and lifestyle journalism at the London College of Fashion, which prepared her for a career in freelance writing. Maria’s first glimpse into the fashion industry was from working in retail, which helped her learn how to work with a team, develop a strong work ethic, and take initiative. Taking initiative was especially important for her career in freelance writing, which requires coming up with ideas and managing your own schedule. Maria’s hard work and discipline has paid off immensely. As a freelancer, she’s written for many noted publications such as UK, Refinery29, and InStyle. Now, Maria writes for Fashionista — covering important industry events, fashion trends and niche, under-the-radar designers — alongside an incredible team. As for the future of her career, Maria likes to take things one year at a time, but sees herself continuing to write and giving little-known brands and fashion professionals a voice.

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