Malia Makaila

Malia Makaila State Management, New York

Malia Makaila (5’5’’), is a petite, American model of Hawaiian and Portuguese descent represented by State Management, New York.

From a young age, Malia gravitated toward the arts, particularly dancing, acting and modeling. She began her dancing career at the age of nine traveling to dance competitions and going to annual recitals. She received her big break during her freshman year of college when she become a cheerleader for the Philadelphia Eagles. It was during her time as a cheerleader that she gained experience as a model as she traveled and did photoshoots with the Eagles’ cheer team.

Malia graduated from University of the Arts, Philadelphia in 2016 with a BFA in dance and immediately started solidifying her career in modeling. Breaking into the modeling world as a petite woman can be very daunting, but Malia followed her childhood dreams regardless. With aspirations to make the modeling industry more inclusive to people of all shapes and sizes, Malia ultimately signed with State Management modeling in New York city.

Malia is still a model on the petite board of the State Management New York agency, and is excited to be a force in the ever evolving world of modeling. She is confident that with more efforts from petite and plus sized models, the industry will only continue to become more inclusive over time.

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