Kelly Ernst

Kelly Ernst Redenim

Kelly Ernst (5’2’’) is the CEO and founder of Redenim, a company that helps women find the perfect pair of jeans. Kelly and the powerful AI technology that drives Redenim have been featured in several prominent blogs and magazines such as WIRED, Built In Austin, and StarterNoise. Kelly even won the Gentleman Jack Pitch Distilled Competition — a live pitch competition in Austin, Texas — in 2017.

Prior to starting Redenim, Kelly worked as a tech developer across several industries including education, finance, and government so problem solving always came naturally to her. She always struggled to find that perfect pair of jeans and knew that most other women did as well and was driven to find an innovative solution.

Before building her company, Kelly started collecting a lot of data to try and figure out which jeans would fit best based on factors like height and weight. While Redenim first began as a side project, Kelly was ultimately left with no choice but to work on it full-time; around the time that a startup accelerator program had taken interest in Redenim, Kelly was also laid-off from her full time job. Not long after she got laid off, Kelly started developing an artificially intelligent recommendation engine called ‘JEANome’ that would find the right jeans in a scalable way. This algorithmuses information it receives from customers to identify the right size and style of jeans. As a customer, the process of finding the perfect pair of jeans has never been easier: (1) Create a profile with your measurements (2) The algorithm uses that info to find your perfect pair (3) Redenim ships you three pairs of pants that you can choose from. The technology behind Kelly’s start-up allows for an incredibly efficient and user-friendly process and is helping women of all shapes and sizes find the perfect pair of jeans with much less hassle.

Vanessa Youshaei