Amanda Curtis

Amanda Curtis Nineteenth Amendment

Amanda Curtis (5’4’’) is the CEO and co-founder of Nineteenth Amendment, a platform that  gives designers and brands of all sizes technology to facilitate on-demand manufacturing and inventory-free retailing.  Nineteenth Amendment has worked with 500 brands from 30 countries, is in partnership with the Council of Fashion Designers of America, and was the first startup to partner with Macy's.

Prior to founding Nineteenth Amendment, Amanda worked as a fashion designer, designing for big names such as Richie Rich, DVF, and a-list celebs like Ellen Degeneres. During this time, Amanda grew increasingly frustrated with the severe technological deficiency that plagued the fashion industry and set out to do something about it.

While at Harvard iLab in 2012, Amanda met her soon-to-be co-founder, Gemma Sole. Together, Gemma and Amanda brainstormed the idea that would become Nineteenth Amendment. The idea was to throw out the traditional model of how brands work with manufacturers and replace it with a much more efficient and sustainable method. In the old model, brands would invest a lot of money into inventory prior to selling to consumers. With the new model, brands sell to consumers first, then get those purchases made on-demand with a Nineteenth Amendment US based manufacturers in as little as four weeks. With this idea, Gemma and Amanda would end up rallying investors and partnering up with seven other fashion startups and established retailers to develop their technology

Fast forward five years, and Nineteenth Amendment has been featured in a number of reputable publications including Forbes, The NY Times, Huffington Post, InStyle, Wall Street Journal, WWD, The Chicago Tribune, New York Observer, etc, with partnerships with Macy’s, Disney, Microsoft, Lord & Taylor, and Dell. The tremendous success of this company is an excellent example of what happens when ingenuity revitalizes an outdated system.

Vanessa Youshaei