Tanya Faisal

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Tanya is one of those women who somehow does it all. Standing at 5’2’’, Tanya says she struggles to find pants for petite women with curves. As she puts it, “We’re not small in every direction!” Tanya has a MD and JD from the University of Miami and Georgetown University, respectively, and is currently homeschooling her kids while being a part time IP lawyer. I know what you’re thinking - how is that even possible? Tanya has three kids (one boy, two girls) aged seven, four, and two and runs a Youtube channel where she shares her thoughts on homeschooling, motherhood, ADHD, and more. Making the decision to be a homeschool parent isn’t an easy one, but Tanya and her husband felt homeschooling was the best option given the unique personalities and talents of their kids. Wondering what a typical day looks like? They start most days with a morning walk, and then let the school day flow through a balanced rhythm of head (academic), heart (fine arts and spirit), body (physical activity), and hand (handicraft) activities. Homeschooling has vastly expanded her kids’ social schedule, and their weeks are peppered with various playdates and group homeschool classes. Aside from being a homeschool mom and lawyer, Tanya is also an avid reader, a skincare product junkie, and an expert eye-roller.