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Sydne Summer Sydne Style

A fashion journalist based in LA, she started her career as a fashion editor at the Style Network, and that’s where her blog began. Since then, she’s amassed a wide following, and her styling tips have been sought after by brands like Express and Herbal Essences and featured in a number of online publications such as Elle and Harper’s Bazaar. She’s also had a number of features talking about fashion and beauty on Bravo, NBC, and E! With her feminine, polished and timeless style, Sydne provides tips for classy outfits for every season and occasion. One of her current favorite petite trends is the combination of wide-leg jeans with platform shoes, which she swears make her look a foot taller. Sydne is committed: she posts tips like this everyday on her blog and every week on her YouTube channel. Currently, she’s focused on spring trends and promoting confidence through bright, happy colors and patterns. She loves providing this kind of advice--her goal is to empower women not only through fashion, but also home, travel and wellness. Throughout her blogging journey, Sydne feels grateful to have made connections with so many people. She doesn’t consider her followers to be just followers--they’re her #ssInstaFam. She’s formed meaningful friendships through platforms like Instagram and built up a support system that stretches around the world.