Stephanie Nguyen

Stephanie Nguyen SunkissedSteph

Stephanie runs her own personal style blog called Sunkissed Steph and is currently a fashion editor at POPSUGAR. We were especially excited to find out that Stephanie lives in the Bay Area which is also the home of Petite Ave. Standing at 5'1", Stephanie said she always struggles with finding clothing that fits (especially jeans that are short enough) and always get things tailored. In 2016, she had an amazing opportunity to design a collection of athleisure pieces with @sunandcobalt and made sure to include a shorter inseam option for us petite ladies! We were also interested to get her take on fashion in the Bay Area versus other major cities like NYC or Chicago. Stephanie said people prioritize comfort over all else which she calls the “Silicon Valley effect”. “From sneakers and low heels to jeans and the occasional hoodie, I find myself gravitating toward comfort over almost everything else.”