Shira Rose

Shira Rose A Sequin Love Affair

Shira runs a popular NYC style blog, but she also has a full-time job in social work, therapy, and eating disorder coaching. As an eating disorder coach, she works one-on-one with clients to facilitate and support their recovery process. This can range from meal coaching to shopping for clothes with a client who has undergone weight changes, and Shira loves the personal aspect of the work. Though she has to balance a day job with blogging, Shira has found ways to make the two overlap. She describes herself as a body positive blogger, and much of her content centers around body image and self-acceptance. Recently, she’s become more selective about the brands she features, only sharing those whose clothing goes past a size 8-10. With the average woman being a size 16, brands should carry at least 14-16, she says--all people, regardless of size, should be able to feel beautiful in their clothes. Her commitment to body positivity speaks to many women, from those struggling with eating disorders to body image issues and everything in between. Shira says one of the most rewarding parts of having a blog is hearing from these women about how her messages have inspired or helped them; their words make all the challenges of blogging worthwhile. As her blog grows, Shira plans to keep creating body positive content. She wants her followers to value themselves not as numbers on a scale or clothing tag, but as human beings who should feel comfortable, confident, and beautiful the way they are.