Olivia Amter

Olivia Amter Enat

Olivia Amter is the co-founder of Enat, a company that works with small business owners in Ethiopia to make jewelry and leather goods consciously and sustainably. The company maintains a fair relationship with their partners, who set their own prices, and the leather comes from animal by-products from the local food industry. Olivia has been surrounded by the green movement her whole life - both of her parents are environmental scientists who compost everything and have an at-home worm farm - so building a socially responsible company came very naturally to her. Standing at 5’4’’, Olivia forgets how small she is until she’s standing next to people who are much taller than her. She’s a huge fan of tailoring her own clothing, and often wears high-waisted pants and skirts to make herself appear taller. Aside from being a badass business owner, Olivia is a pretty cool person, to say the least. She’s a world traveler (33 countries and counting), loves learning new languages (working on French right now), and used to be a food blogger while living in Argentina for several years.