Lorraine Sanders

Lorraine Sanders FEST Spiritof608

Lorraine Sanders is a journalist, media strategist, podcast producer and host with a special interest in fashion, entrepreneurship, sustainability and tech otherwise known as FEST. For anybody starting his/her own business in the fashion industry, Lorraine is someone you must know. Lorraine spent the first 10 years of her career writing for various publications including WWD, Harper’s Bazaar, Women 2.0, Ozy, 7X7 and Fast Company to name a few. In 2015, Lorraine started a podcast series called the Spirit of 608 for and about women at the forefront of FEST. Most recently, she launched PressDope, a digital DIY PR platform for FEST brands. Standing just under 5’2’’, Lorraine, like most petite women, struggles to find pants that feel like they were made to fit her height. Even so, she’s never shopped the petite department because she assumed it wasn't for her. She tells Petite Ave that she was surprised to learn that petite clothing has nothing to do with body size, but rather is all about length and proportions. We were especially excited to hear Lorraine’s advice for FEST founders who are trying to get press. She said in most cases, the media isn’t really evaluating your product and its quality. Instead, they are looking for companies that elevate their own reputation and status as a writer. This means journalists look for companies with a contemporary website, strong social media presence, and an interesting digital tone and story. Having said that, it still takes a lot of time and work to get press. The key is to genuinely interact with journalists on a consistent basis over social media, email, etc. months before you’re hoping to land a piece.