Leah Gervais

Leah Gervais Urban 20 Something

In 2016, Leah was working a corporate job and had just been accepted to law school. But with the prospect of long hours, student debt, and little guarantee that she’d end up in the field she wanted, she made the bold decision to change her path. She quit her job, spent four months traveling, and created Urban 20 Something. Leah’s mission is to “help young professionals get out of quarter-life traps”. She initially used Urban 20 Something as an avenue for freelancing while abroad, but since then it has become a website of resources for anyone looking to make a new career move or build a side hustle. She particularly focuses on live trainings, which she says are her favorite way to create content because they break down the anonymity of the internet. Urban 20 Something is Leah’s own side hustle - during the work week, she has a job at an NYC nonprofit that works with charitable giving. The balance can be a challenge, but she loves doing the humanitarian work she’s always dreamt of while staying true to her entrepreneurial spirit. She says that ultimately, the decision to leave behind law school and pursue new goals was one of the best she ever made.