Miki Agrawal


Miki Agrawal is the founder and brain behind multiple companies including the gluten-free restaurant concept Wild, period/pee-proof underwear brands THINX & Icon, and now most recently her modern bidet brand TUSHY. All of these companies have received acclaim; THINX was one of Time Magazine’s 25 Best New Inventions, and The Atlantic said that TUSHY will show that the bidet can be embraced. Though all of Miki’s products are different, they all have one thing in common: Miki saw a problem, and fixed it. This is a philosophy she learned from her parents, who taught her to question everything. Each of Miki’s businesses tackle practical, widespread, sometimes taboo-to-talk-about issues with a funny, carefree, and witty attitude, producing bidets that are “the iphone for the toilet” and emphasizing that period-underwear is “patriarchy-proof.” In addition to changing the lives of her customers with her innovative products, Miki has made an even larger impact, as each of her companies also give back. With the proceeds made from each product, Miki’s companies have given thousands of families in India access to clean sanitation, provided 100,000+ women access to menstrual products, and helped break down the taboo surrounding menstruation. Amidst all her entrepreneurial success, the broader impact she has made is Miki’s proudest accomplishment. Miki is also an accomplished author, with one book out and one on the way. Her first book, Do Cool Shit, provides a step by step outline of her entrepreneurial successes,  making her creative process completely transparent. Due to come out in January, her second book, DISRUPTHER is a “manifesto for the modern women”, which tackles 13 common beliefs that are holding women back and disrupting them one by one. Despite everything she’s done so far, we have a feeling that Miki isn’t close to being done, and we can’t wait to see what other cool s*** she tackles next.