Annette Lasala Spillane

Annette Lasala Spillane The Artisan Row Accessories TARA

Annette Lasala Spillane is the founder of The Artisan Row Accessories (TARA), a fine jewelry company committed to social change. TARA produces fine jewelry with a twist: the jewelry is “buildable”, composed of individual rings, bracelets, and necklaces that can be taken apart and interchanged to form totally new pieces. It’s easy to fall out of love with our wardrobes, and Annette’s brand TARA offers a way to fall back in love by investing in pieces that can be repurposed. Annette’s commitment to social change is also reflected in her company’s mission. Born and raised in the Philippines, Annette partners with Filipino artisans to create pieces inspired by modern art and intended for longevity. She hopes that TARA can instill in these artisans a sense of pride in their work, as well as bring financial freedom to them and their families. The thoughtful design and social awareness of TARA has appealed to a diverse customer base, and the brand’s connection with those new to fine jewelry is Annette’s proudest accomplishment so far. In five years, she hopes that she and the TARA team will still be doing what they love most: making dynamic and timeless jewelry that reflects the identify of its customers.