Anna Burbano

Anna Burbano Her Campus

Standing at 5’0’’, Anna truly embodies the saying “great things come in small packages.” In addition to graduating summa cum laude from the University of Florida in three years, she served as both president of the English Society and senior editor of her school’s Her Campus chapter. As a senior editor, Anna managed 20 writers and under her leadership many articles received national recognition within the Her Campus community. Anna also has bylines with College Fashion and College Fashionista and has already written over 100 articles. Although Anna writes about a variety of topics, her favorite is affordable fashion specifically targeted at college students. When asked about her struggles with finding clothing, Anna shares her frustrations with finding pants that fit and wishes more brands would carry fashion forward petite options. In addition to seeing more brands carry fashionable petite clothing, she hopes for more inclusivity in the fashion space in the form of petite models. Anna shares that this is a mutually beneficial opportunity for both shoppers and brands as it helps more women relate to the brand and therefore helps the brand sell more clothing. In five years time, Anna hopes to gain enough experience to start her own digital fashion magazine. Given Anna’s love for fashion and writing and undeniable ambition, we have no doubt she will!