Trina of Petite Style Studio


Now a personal stylist, Trina got her start in corporate marketing. She began blogging in February 2016, and uses her blog as a platform to share her favorite looks and fashion tips, especially for fellow petite women. She loves mixing and matching prints and styles to create colorful, feminine outfits. A resident of Boston, Trina’s wardrobe has shifted to accommodate the weather, replacing stilettos with more practical flats and sneakers and adding warmer pieces. She’s been battling the New England cold with lots of layers, but she still keeps it stylish--her go-to winter look is a thin but warm turtleneck that can layer without the bulk. She recommends similarly streamlined pieces for other petite women, because the less bulk, the taller we look! Her sense of style is a necessary part of her work as a personal stylist. When working with clients, especially petite women, she builds a wardrobe that flatters each individual’s body shape. She stresses that ‘petite’ is not a one-size-fits-all term and petite women come in all shapes and sizes, so she approaches each wardrobe as completely unique. Being a mom, working as a stylist and blogging can often be a juggling act. Capturing daily outfits and sharing wardrobe advice every week can be more time-consuming than it seems. At the same time, though, Trina really enjoys the process--she loves the opportunity to work with brands she likes and create content that people identify with. In the new year, she hopes to continue expanding her blog by discovering more brands that are well-made, fashion-forward, functional and affordable.