Maisa Mumtaz

Maiza Mumtaz

A lover of all things fashion, Maisa is a student at The Academy of Art University, works at a fashion tech start-up, and somehow still manages to find time to run her own blog. Growing up, Maisa experienced a variety styles--while she currently lives in San Francisco, Maisa spent her childhood in Scotland and Bangladesh, where she was born, and moved to London at age 18. Maisa says that growing up in two cultures allowed her to pick styles and make fashion choices that best fit her personality. She leans toward European style but is interested in Bangladesh’s role as an influencer in the fashion industry. Bangladesh is the second largest fashion exporter in the world, and Maisa wants to encourage questions around sustainability in the country’s manufacturing. Maisa cares a lot about sustainability in fashion--while she loves the industry, she knows that sometimes it can negatively impact society and the environment. Her answer to these problems comes in the form of her other passion: technology. She believes that if these two worlds are merged, industry practices will become more sustainable and businesses and leaders will be held accountable. She’s excited about the possibilities of this combination and hopes to contribute to the conversations around fashion-tech in the future.