Logan Ury

Logan Ury Google Modern Romance

After graduating from Harvard, Logan worked at Google, running their behavioral economics team. During that time she founded the popular Talks at Google Modern Romance series, a set of interviews with dating and relationship experts. Now Logan is applying decision-making insights from behavioral science to relationships to help people find and nurture romantic partnerships. She’s currently in New York as a TED Resident, preparing to give her TED talk this summer. Logan is particularly interested in dating tools like Tinder and how they’ve changed the relationship landscape. She’s noticed that technology and social media often exacerbate common dating problems by offering too many choices and creating false perceptions of reality. Motivated by research showing that our health, happiness, and overall life satisfaction hinges on the quality of our relationships, Logan wants to help people actively invest in their romantic partnerships. As part of this mission, Logan is conducting research and working as a dating coach and break-up consultant. Through her work, she’s noticed that everyone is facing similar challenges around dating, and sometimes it helps just to let people know they’re not alone. Logan says that both her dating consulting and her research into modern relationships have been rewarding experiences. She’s been able to create space for vulnerability and allow people to have important conversations that point them toward stronger romantic relationships.