Eni of Eni's Wardrobe

Eni's Wardrobe

Though she currently resides in London, Eni grew up in Nigeria--she credits her childhood there for her love of bright colors and bold patterns. She describes her style as Parisian chic, and while she’s drawn to a range of trends, comfy knitwear and the Gucci belt bag are currently at the top of her must-have list. Eni has been blogging for two years, but she got her start in the art world. She studied illustration at university with the intention of becoming an illustrator, but realized as her blog grew that she was more interested in fashion styling. After spending some time juggling both, she made a tough choice and threw herself fully into fashion. Now, Eni is a certified stylist--her training has taken her from runways to magazine shoots, and she’s gained more confidence in her own style. To succeed as a stylist, she says, it’s crucial to be organized, prepared, and ready to improvise in case of any unexpected obstacles. Though styling takes up much of her time, Eni is still focused on her blog. She says her favorite part of blogging is having her photo taken and the self-confidence that brings. Even though having photoshoots in public sometimes draws attention, she’s learned to get over it and enjoy herself. In 2018, she hopes to grow her blog even more, continue her work as a stylist and become an even bigger influencer.