Cheryl of Oh to be a Muse

Cheryl Ohtobeamuse

Born in Jamaica, Cheryl grew up in Florida before eventually moving to California to pursue her career. Before blogging full-time, she worked as a magazine writer and online editor, then a social media marketer. What started as an outlet for planning her wedding has become a site that covers style and beyond. Cheryl combines her love of fashion, beauty, and entertainment into a blog that features everything from outfit tips to movie and book reviews. Standing at 5’2”, Cheryl has the most trouble shopping for jumpsuits and flared jeans. She suggests persistence in finding stores and tailors that can make these styles accessible to petite women. In general, Cheryl feels that women of any size should be able to participate in the latest trends. This fall, she’s especially into denim on denim looks, trench coats, plaid and sock boots. She follows her motto - “When your fashion is inspired, your style is inspirational!” - in all of her outfits, whether she’s putting together a bold patterned look or styling a new accessory.